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A foreigners view of Lagos | BusinessDay.  Views from a delegation from Cape Verde.


TAP launches campaign with special prices for 49 destinations.

More destinations for TAP #Portugal #Caboverde #CapeVerde #Africa #travel


Author:  Arpingstone. Author: Arpingstone.

TAP’s new multi-destination campaign includes 40 cities in the airline’s European network, as well as New York and Miami in the United States, Casablanca, Marrakech and Tangier in Morocco, and Sal, Praia, Boa Vista and São Vicente in Cape Verde.

The promotion offers very attractive prices for round trip travel to destinations in Cape Verde and the United States, all taxes, fees and charges included, and one-way travel to the European destinations, all taxes, fees and charges included.

For flights within Europe, the promotion is valid on direct flights departing from Lisbon and Porto. For the Miami and African destinations, the campaign includes direct flights departing from Lisbon operated by TAP; and for New York the campaign is valid on direct flights departing from Lisbon and Porto.

To take advantage of this campaign, tickets must be purchased with a debit card (an additional…

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Cape Verde’s Good News

Ideal investment climate in Cape Verde for Investing #Africa #CaboVerde #Travel

Believing in Africa

Cape Verde's Good News

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